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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hersey Highway: The Hershey Company Corporation in Delaware

Facts about Hershey:

  • Company is over a century old (founded in 1894 by Milton S. Hershey, incorporated in 1927)
  • Nearly 5 billion in revenue in 2007
  • Net income of over 214 million dollars in 2007
  • Primarily deals in confections: most of the chocolate/candy bars you eat are made by either Hershey's or NestlĂ©. And actually, some, like Kit Kat bars, are made by both Hershey's and NestlĂ© and it just depends on what part of the world you live in whether you get it from one confectioner or the other.
The truth about The Hershey Company is that they aren't terribly interesting as far as corporations go; as far as I can tell they haven't fucked anyone too terribly (and if you ever go to Hershey, Pennsylvania, it's kind of cool, because the whole place smells like chocolate being that so much chocolate candy is made there). Like many corporations they buy other companies, but these are mostly just other candy companies. One cool and somewhat dubious thing about this corporation is that they use a trade secret-protected process for making their milk chocolate, known as The Hershey Process. The Hershey Process allows the manufacturer to use milk that is less fresh, thereby reducing manufacturing costs.

The Hershey Company makes Payday bars which are one of the best candy bars in this writer's opinion.


David said...

The company, indirectly, does support a certain amount of philanthropy, as Milton Hershey's various charities are major stockholders.

Gentle Jones said...

i went to hersheypark this past weekend for the first time. i posted a few photos from the hotel on

susana said...

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