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Monday, May 7, 2007

I Have Ten Minutes To Post. This is a Ten-Minute Post

This morning, I was walking with my Mom in White Clay Creek State Park. She was telling me about this great book she was reading, called Skinny Bitch. My Mom, though she used to be a vegetarian, is now at least fifty pounds over weight. She believes the book is going to help her get back on track with her life, and for this I am glad; I think that if she doesn't turn her shit around in the next decade, she'll be dead. Even though she's not morbidly obese, I already sometimes consider her a corpse, due to her lack of motivation and lack of energy. She lacks these things because she doesn't exercise and she doesn't eat well at all.

I don't have the same problem she does. My diet is almost entirely vegetarian (I eat fish a few times a week). The fucked up thing is that she has a bachelor's degree in nutrition. She's just now learning some things that I consider elementary, because in school, they were teaching her things that would allow her to continue pushing the USDA's agenda, which is basically to sell a lot of meat and dairy products. This morning she said to me, "I thought that vegetarian cooking had to be so specific and so complex, and now I'm learning that that's not the case." This has been her argument for years; she's always said that she stopped being vegetarian when her third child (my younger brother) was born because she didn't have the time to prepare proper "nutritious" vegetarian meals any more. You can get nutrition in a lot of ways. I know vegans that are healthy. Most vegetarians are just as healthy as anyone else. I would post some nude pics just to show you how healthy I am, but that isn't the focus of this blog.

I also learned that she was just a vegetarian while she was primarily because it was a cool thing to do. Vegetarianism, like any other diet choice or lifestyle choice, should not be based on a fad. If you start The South Beach Diet because it's a fad, you're going to go pick up the book that tells you how to lose weight on The South Beach Diet. When that diet goes out of style, are you going to switch to the next cool diet and buy that book while your weight fluctuates? Huge weight gains/losses over a short period of time are TERRIBLE for your health, by the way. Dieting is stupid. Don't diet; make changes to your diet. There's a difference.

I told the information about Morningstar Farms and Kashi, among other brands, to Mom; she was floored by it, as I was.

It's been a fun ten minutes.

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Shades said...

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Gentle Jones said...

dang you type fast

hlebar said...

jeez you are a weird kid.

post was hilarious because i was like dang how can you post something like about your mom and the shock and nervousness made it even funnier.

Ty K. said...

Yerf pointed this post out to me, laughed hardest that you linked that Noam Chomsky movie.

Basically laughing my ass off here like an idiot.