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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Writing Hella Paper; What's Going On In The [Tech] News?

This is one of those weeks. Big paper due tomorrow. I'm writing it on 'Blaxpoitation' films. More specifically, the co-opting of Black films to make Hollywood money.

Cisco, though not incorporated in Delaware, revised their quarterly forecast and it isn't as strong as investors expected. This had a sharply negative impact on the stock. This, in turn, had a negative impact on other tech stocks. Did you know that Gateway's stock is worth less than 2 dollars? Yeah, neither did I. Wow. I saw that the shares fell 8%, and then I saw that they fell to 1.91, which isn't really catastrophic; it was only a 16 cent decline.

Apple's stock is worth over one hundred dollars per share. Unlike Google's stock, I think that Apple's stock is actually worth what people pay for it. They keep their investors happy. Not to say that Google doesn't, but...don't you think that nearly 500 dollars per share is a bit of a stretch of Google's worth? Actually, maybe not. We should explore that in a future post. Google is truly interesting these days...