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Thursday, May 3, 2007


Before I saw the face above, I planned on writing about the 2006 Delaware Division of Corporations Annual Report. You get the usual circlejerk-of-an-introductory-message about how unique Delaware is, and how excellent it is for businesses and all of those other really nice ways of saying we're a safe haven for criminals. Oh, and Delaware supports corporate "best practices." How exciting!

The Department of Insurance got a full-time administrator this year.

Among other things, I found this:

"In January 2006, the State restructured its bank franchise tax to maintain Delaware’s leadership in attracting financial services companies."
...In other words, "we made bank taxes lower so we could get more banks to plant headquarters in this state -- GET MONEY!"

Web-based transactions are going up (hi), companies know that if they're going to get nailed, Delaware is a good place for it to happen because of certain laws, and, uh, near the end the good Doctor mentions something about pleasure. Right.

Finally, here's a heartwarming picture of a few of the corporations that are in love with Delaware:


Ty K. said...

Great post Noah!

Hope to see you and the rest of the Delaware business community at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!